Prayer for my husband and I to get back together

I pray to you God to please let my husband and I get back together. I understand now that I was letting our marriage fall apart. I put others above my husband and pushed him away into the arms of another woman. Please let him see that I have changed and that I want our marriage to work, and I forgive him for the affair. I still love him and want us to work together to save our marriage and our family. I miss him very much. I can't go on without him. Please bring him back to me. I have sinned and ask that I am forgiven. I have opened up my heart to let you in and I feel your love. I humbly ask for you to Please answer my prayer to let us get back together and that he will love me again. I pray you will let this happen soon as I am falling worse and worse into a depression and this not healthy for me or my children to see. Please God......

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