Prayer for My Life

by Racquel
(trinidad and tobago)

My lord in Jesus name bless me, Jesus please forgive me and all the sin that i have done . , And i ask of you to give me wisdom , knowledge, love , peace, unity, faith , courage. My lord i need your help , Bless my family and my friend and everyone in this world, please don't let the devil take away our soul, We need you lord , sometime i fall weak and i give up , i lose my faith. My life is in your hand today i ask for a better life , a better relationship with you my Jesus and my lord. Jesus take this message to my father for me. tell him , i need him , i need peace in my life , i need him to give strength. i asking for blessing in my relationship , to conceive for a baby. to have a good home and happiness. Lord come to me in my vision , Lord walk with me , show me sign , give me a token of good. thank you for life , for the meal you put on my table , i thankful for the good and bad days you always with me. even when i doing wrong you there with me , bringing me back to the right direction ,Lord if say anything or do something to make my womb curse sorry take it back and forgive me . Heal me lord in Jesus , please Jesus heal me touch me please amen


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