Prayer for my lost son

First for my son Brandon who is so lost and angry and hates himself. That he may find the Lord and live the life God made him for. And for my mother's health. After that, that I may do God's will and be able to pay my bills.

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Pray for my lost son
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,

First and for most, I want to thank you for all that you have done for my life and for my husband of 27 years and our children. I ask for help in guiding my oldest son who has lost faith. He had a strong faith at one time, but because of science knowledge and the death of his grandfather and others, he has questioned God's creations. My husband and I are very devoted Catholics who are even Eucharistic Ministers and help people and the Church in any way we can. My lord he needs you more than ever, he is lost with what he wants with life and has a low esteem of himself. I pray that any evil wishing placed upon him be taken away using your Divine Intervention or your Angels that you use to save them from the wrong path. Dear God guide him to find himself and come to you once again. He needs you tremendously to help him lead his life. He needs you with him on his side. Help him overcome his challenges that he has gone through, so he can have a clear picture of what he wants. Protect him from envy or other evil spirits that bring him down. I ask you for this in your name Jesus Christ. Amen!!

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