Prayer for my marriage and my husband

We have been married for 26 years and the last year and a half has been devastating. My husband has been lured away from our marriage and our home that we have built together by a trophy seeking female. She is everything he always found disgusting in a female (partying, drinking, and whatever else)..everything that I'm not.


My husband has the need to feel young and wanted (he misses the stardom he had when he was younger as a musician). I truly believe he does love me but her power over him is obviously stronger. I could go on forever...I'm trying to have the faith that he will come back, but he is missing something in himself that is creating his unhappiness.

I have built a wall around me that keeps me from expressing my deepest feelings from his unfaithfulness years ago. I wish for a marriage of love, passion, support, and strength to overcome anything. Any extra prayers would be genuinely appreciated.

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Nov 14, 2014
I love him but I don't know how much I can take.
by: Anonymous

This is happening to me at the moment. She is the opposite of me, she smokes, drinks, takes pills, party's even has other men in her life but still he is there. I just don't understand why? He says he loves me but still calls and sees her. I love him so much but I don't know how much longer I can stand this. I have prayed and prayed. I know God will help me through this. I am not losing my faith.

Oct 22, 2014
never give up faith
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain I have been with my husband for almost 18 years married 10 years and 4 months.we have 3 kids and him to has gone to run off with another women I pray that the Lord brings your husband back to you and your family never give up your faith. I know it's hard I go through it everyday but just a few weeks ago I have been praying and praying and I'm starting to just try to put all my trust in our Lord.i know the Lord hears our prayers but on his time in not ours. I'll be praying for you and your husband if you could pray for me as well that would be awesome.

May 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

I can relate to your prayer request. I was left after 41 years. Still legally married 2 and 1/2 years later alone but still praying for husbands return to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I will certainly pray for you and want you to know that if I could I would give you a big encouraging hug. Remember God is not dead He is able to do abundantly over and above whatever we can ask and think and He is in love with you. You are of great value in His sight. Your husband is lacking something let us pray that He will turn to God and find Him waiting with love and forgiveness and a chance to be whole and to love as he ought . Your prayer friend.

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