Prayer for My Marriage to be saved, changed and blessed

by Maribel

Dear God;

I pray and ask you touch my husbands heart That my husband Wilson will be lead by God; that my husband will be the head of our household and not the tail; that my husband Wilson will love my son's as his own, that he will be proud to have us his his family; that he will be prould to have me as his wife; that my husband will love me like Jacab loved Rachel; with all of his heart and soul. That my husband will respect me as his wife, put me 1st above his friendships and family members.

I pray that my husband Wilson will value me as his wife and learn to love me as I love and value him and our marriage. I pray that my husband will respect our marriage and not be tempted by the devil to lust over other women or desire to be with another women.

I pray that my God will bless our marriage; restore our marriage and that you bless us with our own children in Jesus Name I ask and Pray Amen! Thank you my God for all of your love!! I love you with all of my heart!

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