Prayer for My Partner

by Romica

My prayer is he'll be the last guy in my life , He will be the one who will marry me in the future.. My prayer is I am the one in his heart. He will choose me rather his long term girlfriend. He will love me more than I love him..


I pray our love will be be mutual all the the time. I pray that God guide us and let everything be okay because I have faith on him. I pray that Andres will fight for our love and time will make him fall out of love of that girl..

I pray that we are the fate. I'm not selfish.. person I really love him much.. and i feel he feel the same too. , the point is his reason is they've been on almost 7 years committing and getting married but destine meet our path..

I have strong faith that God will find a way and give me this man. cause ive been in pain for so many times . Im no. 1 or no.2 they never choose me this time this man will saved me and care my heart and we will grow old together.Good things takes time.. I pray that God will do that we are the one meant. In Jesus name. AMEN.

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