Prayer For my prissy baby

by Mikey

Dear God,


Please forgive me for getting upset with her. Please keep her and me together I know it was you who put us together in the first place. I thank you the great blessing of being with her and being her boyfriend. I need your help to avoid the fights, the mistrust, the frustration, and the lies.

Please keep us together I know you come first in my life but she means so much to me. I'm sorry for having offended you many times and I really try my best to be the best person I can be.

I'm sorry for being short tempered and too serious all the time. I care so much about her I hope you can see the love and you forgive me enough to keep us together. When I say things I don't mean please give her strength to stay and fight for our relationship. Please help us get to a happy place in our relationship.

Please don't take her away from me. I know what it's like to loose her and I'm not quite sure why I still sin. I know the consequences but please forgive me father. She's my first love please don't take her away. From this day forward, I will not give in to temptation to sin. I will make a covenant with you that if you keep her in my life, I will not sin in that dirty way and hurt you. I know that you can change feelings and all I'm asking is that you keep our feelings strong.

You come above everyone and everything in my life and I love you Jesus. Please pray for me and my baby girl priscilla.

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