Prayer for my son Aryan

Father my lord, thank u for the multitude of blessings u have bestowed upon the children n this home, I can't thank u enough lord Jesus. Lately father, I feel my child is learning bad things n behavior from school n friends. I truly want him to go to another better school so he is surrounded by good kids n can learn things. Father, this is a tender age to learn p, educate himself, discipline, I am very sad Jesus bout this.


As a mother, I want him to learn better as he is an intelligent child with both parents very involved. Guide me father with your wisdom and create the resources that I need to give him the best. Help me father, my lord I look to u in this time when I feel burdened by this dilemma everyday. Take this pain away from me and help me to help him. With u father, I share my thoughts n feeling as my best friend, I love u father.

U have blessed me so much, I praise u and love u fearlessly and faithfully. Give me the wisdom and show me the way!

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