Prayer for my son Marcus that is always taking things that don't belong to him and always doing the wrong things.

by Letetia
(Chesterfield Virginia)

Lord I ask you to look and help my son Marcus, He needs you Lord, I cry out now for your help to turn his life around and help him become a better person to all. He has two children and is not in there life. I don't want to see my son killed , He has a nice heart butt is very easy to follow the wrong people.


He makes wrong moves everyday Lord I scream out to you hear my prayer please Lord I don't have no one butt you to turn too. Lord please help my son please please. A parent worse nightmare is to buried there child. I see in coming butt want to ask you to help him so it don't happen. I love Marcus so much and he is 22 years old now , I need him in my life in his children life, Lord Please give him a sign to get it right please Lord hear my prayer.
Amen Amen Amen.

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