Prayer for My Son's Path to Be Cleared

by Beth

I trust you Lord to answer prayers as You have always done, and so I come to you with special request for a positive outcome for my son as he attends family court. In your perfect timing every obstacle in his path has been cleared and You have set his path straight .


Please let him know Your presence as he faces this next challenge, let Your words of the Spirit guide him as he speaks and let Your love shine through him for the courts to decide favorably for him. Let your will be done for him to reunite will his sweet daughter , Angelina.

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God Bless You
by: Anonymous

I pray unto Jesus Christ that your son win the battle to win his daughter. Always remember everything happens for a reason, and that Jesus Christ will only provide what is necessary, always remember that whatever the outcome may be, whether it be in your favor or the other, always remember to praise Jesus and God NO MATTER WHAT. He will provide what is best for you! I pray that it works out in whatever Jesus Christ sees necessary and I pray that you live a very blessed life

In the Name of Jesus Christ,

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