prayer for my son's unemployment and to be able to find a job soon

Dear God, I ask for your aid in detecting employment for my son Anthony and other that are unemployed. Currently, he is unemployed; he is desperately seeking employment to help pay for his school loans, as well as, other creditors.


He is an admirable young man, who enjoys working; however, he is getting frustrated, because he has not received a job for his efforts. Jesus please anoint him and return this young man back to work. I know you can make it happen.
I ask for this help from You to guide Anthony to a job that is pleasing to You to guarantee at least a roof, a bed, food, water and ensure his survival so that he can at least still pray to You.

I hope to receive your prompt response and interest in less than 2 weeks.

Help us Lord, as we humbly pray. Amen

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