Prayer for my troubled mind and weary heart


Loving God,


I come to you to seek for forgiveness of all my sins and wrongdoings of the past, for all the hurting, that I have done to others, to my family, and people that have been affected by my harsh behavior and unkind words, Please give them a forgiving heart as I have forgiven them too. Please forgive me of my wrongs and free me from worries of the mind and restless heart. Loving God forgive me.

I seek you Dear Jesus, to bestow upon me your healing hands. Heal me from within. Be with me in my sleep and cast away the demons that comes in my dreams. Cast away all the doubts and fears that I have, so that I may be able to love again the ones that I have hurt the most, my family. Lord, give me strength, happiness, wealth of the heart and free from ills...
Give me the strength and confidence that all my everyday task are done with a glorious heart and ease of mind...

Most of all thank you Lord, for being with me always and guiding me into a righteous path...
In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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