prayer for need the love of my life

by Sue
(Chandler AZ USA)

After 25 yrs of marriage my husband no longer is in love w me. His actions and words do not convey that. I feel it may be a midlife crisis or scared of getting old. He does not want counciling but I want to save my marriage. I am asking the good Lord to lighten his heart and see what we have had in the past and possibly have again. Please help to pray for a reconciliation.


I know it takes two and I truly want this to work. Thank you so much in advance for every prayer that will be said on my behalf. God Bless you all.

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Mar 05, 2016
i am praying for you
by: Sally

Am in the same position after,30 years and I. Understand darling . I think God is with us though. Hold fast and try to believe God's plans are unfolding . Bless you .I am with your pain

Sep 26, 2015
Please reunite them
by: Anonymous


I pray to you for them to be reunited.
You know that they love and need each other.
They deserve miracles from you, Lord.

May 18, 2015
Married 23 years and my husband is cheating
by: Anonymous

We have what seemed to be a happy marriage! My husband has been seeing several women and I found out and confronted him. He swears it is over and apologized and said he wants to be a better husband. The sad thing is he is soo loving and adoring to me. My heart is broken, he is still talking to one of the women. I can see it on our phone bill, he denied it. I have also confronted her a mother of two little girls and she's also married. I have read texts that she had sent calling me a dog ( and I am far from it) and demanding he cannot sleep in the same bed or touch me or kiss me. Basically be nice and a husband to me. I have noticed in the last few weeks he is coming more distance. When I told him he could leave if he isn't happy he tells me he loves me. I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown! In need of much prayers! She is a evil harlot and she is trying to tear my family apart. We have two boys. And I love my husband with all my heart despite all of this! I have been praying for months and I am completely at my ways end. I know there is power in prayer and I know God can preform miracles. I want to thank whoever takes the time to read and prays for my family!

Mar 23, 2015
Praying for Sue in Chandler, AZ
by: Anonymous

I've lifted you and your husband up to the One who is able and mighty to save! He is the God of the impossible. Don't give up hope but keep turning to the Lord and praying for your husband. God is a miracle worker and to be fully trusted...I'll pray for your faith in Him in these trying times.
May God "restore the years the locusts have eaten" and restore to you both the joy of your younger years of marriage.
In Christ's Love,

Mar 19, 2015
Right there with you
by: Anonymous

Saying my prayers for you. I am living the same nightmare of MLC. Hang in there and just trust God's plan. I've been dealing with 30 year younger unwed mother the age of one of my daughters. With love and grace we are still not divorced for some reason. I am trusting God.

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