Prayer for our business

dear Lord,

thankyou for giving this unexpected business to us, we knew that this is according to your will thats why we gladly accept it with all our heart. all the trials that we been through we knew that your always there for us, that you never let us alone with all of the problems that came along the way. That inspite of all the problems we encounter, we knew and we felt your generosity to us, that all we asked even how very impossible it is,you gave it,and we thank you for that. I always fought for this business to survive eventhough you gave me so many signs yo give up, but i never did because i knew in my heart and in my mind that you will always there for us. Your so very good to us oh Lord.

Though we never succeed,we still feel your generosity and kindness because we knew that you have your own plan for us for this failure,we knew that in perfect time you will show to us your plans, that in perfect time you will heal all this hurts, we accept this because we knew that this is according to your will, that now is the time to surrender all this to you. Though we not succeed before we saw right alway a hope for another business, Lord your so really good, all we need now is your guidance, if it is for us,please grant us your wisdom. If this is really for us,please help us. Thank you lord.Please help us to start a new one, move on and forgive those people who made all of this to us.thank you

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Sep 11, 2016
by: Tampa florida

Good morning
I am still praying for you and your family !

Sep 10, 2016
by: Tampa florids

Good morning
My prayers are with you and your family
The. Lord is always with you
Please go to church each Sunday Jesus needs you

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