prayer for our family prolems...

by felicia
(brownsville, TX, US)

dear god, i am a 13 year old girl dealing with alot of problems at home with my family. my parents argue alot, my mom says things she doesnt mean to my dad. sometimes she doesnt think it through. shes mad at the moment so she abuses with words that hurt my dad. they both do that to eachother. my mom said that she wants to get a divorce with my dad. and they shoulnt. she always says that because shes mad at the moment, and she ends up making up with my dad. this time it sounds serious though. its december 9th, almost christmas. im gonna lose my dad, he might have to move out... hes my everything, you have no idea how much i love him. i want christmas to be special and celebrated as a whole happy family. i pray every day that things get better. i hope a miracle happens fast... theyre also gonna lose the house and were gonna have to move. im not ready to change my whole life. im bearly 13, i can only handle so much. when i come home, this house fills me with joy and happiness. its a big beautiful 2 story parents havent paid the house in 2 years because my dad had got fired from his amazing airplane mechanic job so he had to find a new one. meanwhile, my mom was paying for the lights, and everything else. my dad said that they cant pay it anymore cause the bank gave them a "foreclosure" the banks said they can work things out but they didnt, so now theyre not taking any payments. please god, im about to lose my dad, the last thing i want to lose is the house. im suffering in the inside, my dad is also. and my mom. and brother and sister. please help us out, i beg. i believe in you and im sorry for all the sins i've done. i appreciate everyting you've done, but please do this one thing that me and my family ask for. i just want us to be one big happy family living in this dreamhouse we've been planning in living in, we dont want to lose the house, nor eachother. thank you for reading this, i appreciate it. please pray for my family, every prayer counts... please.. and thank you. i love you god, alot..

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