Prayer for our Problems at Home and Financial Status

by Michelle

Dear lord


Please I ask for help with my financial status . I am struggling to pay for things despite my main part- time job and the two side jobs I do . My home is in serious debt an could be called in any time - I have people wrtting me all the time
My kids I try to let them know wen they ask for things that I can't buy certain things as my hands are financially bound -but lord they are good kids generally.

My children who are at home are 16 and 4 - it's hard to keep happy an be positive with them when I feel I am chasing my tale -and tired
Please lord free me wat ever blockages I have which is stopping me from striving - as I try soo hard

Lord please I beg u to release me of all my financial stress . I am not asking for riches just to be eased from this pit of financial darkness

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