Prayer for Peace and Emotional Rest

Dear, Heavenly Father,


Help me to be strong. I am so troubled by my quarrel with my mother. She is really mad at me because she caught me lying about little things a lot of times. Although those lies were so little, i know that its the thought of lying that bother my mother. She's been mad at me for 3 straight days now Father, please touch her heart so that she may be able to forgive me. I promise I will try not to lie again. I've learned my mistakes and I will try to change.

Help me pass my academic struggles Father. I do not want to disappoint my parents and myself again. help me catch up with PEC and research. I want to pass father. Help me pass. I will start doing my best and try to start a new life. For you, for my family, for my friends and for Lucky.

Lord, Please help me be assured that Lucky will always be there for me no matter what. I love Lucky Father as much as I love my parents. Please Father, make our love for each other last. Ive been really anxious about him leaving me. Please let our love remain.

Give me rest Father. I just couldnt take handling too many problems at once. Help me gain forgiveness and peace so that I may serve you better. I trust you Oh Lord. Amen.

Your Baby Girl

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