Prayer for peace at work

by Marie
(North Shore, MA)

Father God my creator show your power in my situation I need to glorify you in a big way. I need your help in my work situation.

I have big responsibilities, I am 60 years old and in my place of employment some people are giving me a hard time. I was demoted, moved from one site to another, they refused to give me what I am worth even with a degree.

Jesus what would you do if you were in my place I am asking for guidance I have a lot of bills, mortgage, student loans, and I cannot just leave. I am in this place of employement for about 6 years 1/2.

Please keep the evil spirit far from me I believe in you papa what you said in the past please keep me safe. I don't want to get mad because I need to pay my bills.

One woman and her click are making it hard for I am asking for peace give them the salary of the pain they are causing me.

Now on Monday they are moving me after they transfer me for one year and half papa God you are powerful take care of me.

please bless this site that allow us to write on what would you do Jesus if you were in my place

I am tired of this treatment in front of them I am small with you I have power.

Bless my days there when I move I don't know what they prepared for me make make harmony in the heart of the employee that I am going to work with make it a team no matter what.

I am begging for your assistance.

No matter what I say they turn it around father the evil is on earth take it back where it belongs I am your Jesus and I belong to you....

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God Bless You!
by: Anonymous

I too am experiencing extreme stress at my job with a click. I have a pain in my chest everyday! No one will help me, I have been lied about et up and micromanagd by coworkers waiting for me to make a mistake. may God Bless you and Help you! In jesus nme AMEN!

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