Prayer for Peace of mind and Pure thoughts

by Kendra
(Anchorage Alaska)

Dear Lord please help me, I am having thoughts of bad things. I'm married and I love my husband and my family with all my heart. I don't want to hurt anyone, we just moved Alaska and I feel so alone and isolated therr are people around but no one that I'm to close to than my husband.


I also am worried for my grandparents they have cancer and I don't want them to pass away. I also want to have children but it's very difficult. I want to help everyone I see that needs help if I can. It's is the day after Christmas and I want to feel better and have pure thoughts. Sometimes I feel I spend alot of time alone and that I need to do more. Lord please here my prayers. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Thank you all for reading and your prayers.

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