prayer for peace of mind in workplace

by stressedsupporter

God, I am so stressed out in my work and I feel so unhappy every waking day because I know I that even if i hate it i have to still go on with it. My work is so stressful and just seems never ending. Help me please, I beg of you to make tasks easier.


I dont perform well and am struggling. I hate the job but am afraid of losing it because I currently don't have an alternative. So many people are depending on me. Please I need your help God. Let me feel your presence.

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Jun 19, 2015
prayer for peace of mind in workplace
by: suvarna ghuge

jejus thanks for me i am working indian navy as contractual basis as a staff nurse but so many people jelous about me in dont't know whay they are doing like this i am very upset about my job not so many happy with my job not satisfied with my sallery not satisfied with staff because they are hareshing bosing and jelous with me my husband divoorse wirth me but internally hareshing about my job jelous with me and my job so jejus please help me and very upset in life my joba and all my lffe trouble please help me jejus .

Jun 12, 2015
Let go
by: Anonymous

Let go and.know that God is there. Think happy thoughts and think about what you want and not what you don't want

Dec 16, 2014
Lord Please help us
by: Anonymous

Yes Lord please give us peace in the work place. I am suffering from stress and anxiety, I pray that there is something better in store. I pray that you allow my enemies that hindering me to move. In Jesus name Amen

Sep 01, 2014
I understand
by: Anonymous

I'm totally in the same place and I try so hard but still seems to mess up or not be good enough.

Jun 22, 2014
by: shervon


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