Prayer for prayers to be answered

by Carol

Dear God, I pray daily for help to relieve me and my extended family from our financial burdens. Instead is seems our burdens are increased with additional bills we cannot afford. I am so worried I spend my days crying and praying for hope and a brighter future not only for me, but my daughter as well.


We are all struggling and I just pray and pray that salaries will increase and the bills will decrease and that she can be free to marry and live a comfortable life free from worry and stress as she fights a lifelong battle against depression.

Please God, I'm not asking for miracles, but for freedom from financial stress and to guide her through a life of limited struggles. She can't cope with much more and I don't have the resources to help as I am facing my own financial burdens. Please God help me and my family.

I am pleading with you and will continue to pray for all mankind.

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