prayer for promotion and financial breakthrough

Heavenly father, creator of heaven and earth, ruler of the universe,I give thee thanks O Lord. Thanks for the many blessings you have given unto me. For a job, family and friends. Lord I feel the financial strain, I feel the pressure and road blocks everyone I am called for a promotion or evrytime I have an interview.


In the name of Jesus Christ your son that died for my sins on calvarys cross. I pray that you will put your shield around me to protect me from the evil thoughts and actions of the enemy, I pray that you remove all chains and barriers that are trying to stifle my success , you said Lord in your words that your plans are to prosper me and never harm me and that my cup will overflow with blessings.

Lord I declare this in the name of Jesus that my breakthrough is now. That my blessings is now and that I can never and will never be held down by the enemy, because Lord who you bless no man sha4ll curse. I am pray this in Jesus name who reigns with the father, son and holy ghost, one God, now and forever more. Amen

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