Prayer for Protection and freedom from debt and a husband as well

by Nakabi

I am praying for a miracle.I pray for protection from the police,I pray for freedom from all my debts and I also pray that i may get the P and get my money and pay my debts.I also pray for a financial miracle by friday 04th april 2014 as if i fail to get the money to clear the P i might be arrested and yet am innocent.I need a miracle of 500dollars to help clear the P.


I also pray for guidance to know who C really is in reality and whether he is real or a crook or a fraudster.I love C but my family do not want to have anything to do with him and yet deep in my heart i know he is a good person. I have been thru so much but I know he is real.I just need God to protect me with the help of saint jude. please help me.


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