Prayer for Protection and Guidance for my Husband

Heavenly Father today I come before you begging and pleading that you Lord break the curse that has my family in turmoil.


I pray for protection from our evil neighbors and the unseen enemies. I pray for protection for my husband Nigel and our family. I pray for happiness and long life, prosperity and peace.

I pray that we are able to forgive each other no matter the circumstance, that we make changes in our lives for the better and I pray father God that you forgive us all our sins (present, past and unknown) that we may be able to truly worship you in spirit and in truth without condemnation. Father God we bless your Holy name and we give you all he Glory. Amen

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Jun 18, 2014
loving boyfriend
by: Anonymous

Please lord jesus christ please let my boyfriend get out of presion tommrow . he did something really stuipped an didnt listen to me .i hope an pray every day he grows up . because i would love a better life with him off drugs . for him to get his GED an gp work in the plants. I would to have another son . our son died in 2008. We miss him so much an are girls want another brother if jesus god an mary would bless us with a much better life . i want the best for my family i try my best by my self . need my husband put of presion to help me with life . make him please grow up an be a man lord jesus christ amen. I love u kesus god marry angels everyone else please help me. Thank u

Feb 13, 2014
my husband
by: lizzy brown

I pray lord to grant my huband his freedom from prison .ask he gogo to court this month on 25th feb let him be grant his freedomas he stap his legs to court .the same way ge will come back home to where he belong no going back to prison in jesus name- Amen .please join to pray .thanks

Oct 30, 2013
Gus Ramirez
by: Carmen Mendez Ramirez

Really need this prayer Amen!

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