Prayer for Protection from Enemies at Work

by Janet
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Dear God:
I pray for your protection from my enemies in my place of work. I ask that you will change their hearts and minds. I also pray for peace, and financial independence. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen

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Mar 29, 2014
desperate for prayer
by: Anonymous

I was laid off from the state in August of last year and I found a new job with in a month. Every since I have been on ths job i have had nothing but trouble on this job. It's all ladies that work their and they make it so hard to come to work. They sit and talk about every body and even talk about each other, will not work together for nothing. They got the last supervisor fired now we have a new one and no matter how hard you go in and work they always have something to run to the supervisor about something it like they fill like you trying to steal there jobs. I just want peace on the job. Please prayer that God come in this place and give peace and joy in this place or give me the job that he wants me to have in Jesus name.

Mar 18, 2014
prayer for my enemy
by: Anonymous

i've been here for two year my co workers hated me so much lord please give me more strenght give me a peace of mind! please guide me.teach me how to be brave to face all the problems and troubles in my daily life... lord help my enemies to be good... in jesus name amen

Mar 15, 2014
need prayer
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me on my job from my manager/co worker I took my manager to HR from then she's trying everything for me to loose my job .As a child of God I know that no weapon that form against me shall prosper ,I'm giving 120% and the rest of staff just relaxing and it's OK with them I'm having a meeting with HR soon because my manager keeping making up story about me so I have to defense my self and my career,Please keep me in your prayer.

Mar 03, 2014
Persecution in the workplace
by: Anonymous

Please pray that the strong men in my workplace who are trying to destroy my life would find peace in their lives. I pray that they would recognize God's love for me. They have been terrorizing me for over 8 years and continue flourish in the workplace terrorizing the staff. I recognize that this is spiritual warfare and I stand back and allow God to work in this situation. Prayer for me because at times I feel so weak after their attacks. I have suffered terribly emotionally from this situation. I pray as Nehiamaih did that all of the arrows send at me will be sent back to sender. God please remember me in this unjust place.

Dec 02, 2013
Pray for us
by: Anonymous

Jesus guide us the way to your light strengthen us in your will
Protect us from bad doings jesus help us to find luck within ourselves give us the day that you jesus gave to us to live
The life that every individual need please have mercy on us
Father give us the power and confidence to overcome difficulties
In ourselves that you may remove away our sins with your hand oh
Lord pls make our life like a kingdom of heaven amen.

Nov 14, 2013
prayer against enemies at work
by: Anochristiane

I want that all my enemies at work , shut their mouth and talk what is good for them. that they watch their own affairs

Jun 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am a single mother of save and I need help but the people on my job has been making it difficult for me and am tired it's a great job and I know I can make it please keep me in your prayers.

Jun 01, 2013
Please Pray
by: ES

Please pray for me at work. I am working with individuals that are not supportive and are doing things to try to hurt my status at work. They are using email as a negative means of communication. Please pray that I finish this school year and can find a new job quickly for my good and the good of my family.
Thank you.

May 25, 2013
work problem
by: Anonymous

I need prayer from my coworker and boss they have been discrimanting against the employees i am a man and have been at my job for 24 yr last 3 yr got new boss and three coworker and they have been aggravating the employees that work while they talk and walk around doing nothing. never had problem before i cant take it no more.

May 09, 2013
my job
by: Anonymous

I need strong prayer for the enemies attack at work . Please pray that their hearts and mind . I am stressed out . please pray for me , i am a single mom and one income and it is hard . i need my job . Pleaeeeee

Apr 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

I need God to intervene on my behalf at my work place. I am the only minority working the office and eveyday I have to put up with been made fun off from the general manager, my manger and co-workers. The most hurtful thing is that both managers part take openly with the other employees. I feel that their position of power is used against me daily. I am given a lot of responsibilities and always expected to give 110% but how can you under such conditions. The word of God say that in the work there is tribulation but we should take courage because he overcame the world but there are times I feel like I should give and I know I can't because the devil would have suceeded so please pray that God will bring deliverance and give me the strength to carry on.

Mar 29, 2013
Pray for my job
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my job, corporate will be in next week and one or two people in sales are to be let go, please pray I'm not one of them. I'm sick with worry please pray this feeling goes away. I have had problem with my bipolar daughter and have lost direction please pray I can get back on the right track. In Gods name Amen

Feb 26, 2013
help for peace
by: Anonymous

I have a co worker who has undermined my abilities, maneuvered to steal my position, taken credit for my work
She is a single mom with a disabled child- I know she does it for security and I keep praying for her and peace in our relationship. I try to be trusting but then she does something to offend me
Please God help me deal with this situation and person. I mean her no harm and want a peaceful relationship. She can have the title of the job- I just want to work together peacefully
I am under such stress

Feb 06, 2013
Prayer for protection against corrupt bosses
by: Anonymous

Pray for me as I'm involved in a fight with my two bosses who have been bought by a corrupt industry to stop a process that was started to improve the welfare of the poorest members of our society. My bosses have taken bribes from the industry that wants the status quo to remain so that they can continue to maximise their profits at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. Please pray with me that I should continue with battle guided in everything I do by the wisdom of God. Pray that in my fight I do not end up losing my job

Feb 06, 2013
Prayer for jealousy on the job
by: Belinda

Please pry for me on my job. I received a prophecy that the Lord had a new job for me and I am here. I have a co-worker who admits that she is someone who has to be in control. This is an atmosphere of back-biting, gossip, jealousy and envy and it is stemming from her. I pray for this atmosphere daily to be in my favor. We both work together, but she must have credit for everything. I am being trained by her and have managed to wow those around me. (another prophecy I received). God is so good and I know who keeps me daily. This person professes christianity yet does not show it. My spirit is grieved daily with her. Lord I pray for strength, daily re-newal and elevation in my job performance. She is planning to change job positions and leave me not fully trained. Lord will prevail. If he can bring it to me, then he can bring me through it. I declare and decree awesome signs and wonders. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


Jan 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

Not sure where to begin but I am so attacked no matter the output at work. Example you can be productive on twenty orders but if the autocratic manager finds anything she will bring it to your attention and make you feel as if you where inept. No matter how busy with evwry escalation. I know many people have attacking bosses but like many people I was unemployed for awhile and I work extremely hard, and yes I am one of the hardest workers very productive becuase of the fear of being without a job haunts me. I pray, and I am thank ful for employment I just can not seem to understand why many at work do not work and sit back and web surf all day and others like me who work get treated like a horse being whipped. No matter I need prayer to leave the current job, and work somehwere else where at least my poductivity will be respected. I have tried everything from being a yes man with work loaded on me no matter the time and day. I pray every morning I feel the Lord has my prayers in his voice mall not ready to be listened to. The enviroment is a pool of employee cynasism (spellled correctly)? The Lord can do anything he is all power, and maybe he will listen to you guys instead. I feel alone, and worthless/depressed. What I have told you applies to others also I work with. The Managers run the place like Jail House Guards witht the Director being the Warden. I would accept less money somewhere else.

Jan 06, 2013
Please pray for me.
by: Believer 4

I would greatly appreciate prayers to improve my job situation. I work very hard and give 110% to what I do, but I am highly scrutinized and continually harrassed. I'm at wit's end. I have interviewed for another job in a place that seems calmer. I pray that if this be the place for me, I get that job. In the meantime, please pray to remove my enemies from me and have them fall upon their own sword.

Dec 24, 2012
Prayer to keep my full time job and stop being harrassed
by: V

Please pray with me and for me, one of the female directors at my job who has only been at the property 1 yr has it in for me I have been with the the propery for 6 yrs I know just about everyone her and I know my job, I try to assist her staff when asked, I believe she feels that I am trying to undermine her and that is not the case I only step in when asked I am in no way trying to do her job. My job is to assist and thats what I do for anyone who request my service, I do not directly report to her however eveyone including my manager who is also a director seems to be afraid of her, I know that if I report these incidents to HR I will somehow lose my job

Dec 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I need prayer from my coworker and boss they have been discrimanting against me i am a woman and have been at my job for 13 yr last 3 yr got new boss n coworker and they have been aggravating me never had problem before i cant take it no more

Oct 11, 2012
Need Prayer for Gods Favor
by: Anonymous

I need this dearly I have started a new job and the Foreman is really giving me a hard time. Single mother with 3 older children still at home I need this job Please pray for the Lords favor

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