Prayer for Protection from Evil

by Terry
(Clover, SC)

Oh lord in Heaven, God of Israel,Please here my prayer for protection in the name of Jesus who's blood was shed for our sins. Please protect and shield me from the evils of this world, save me and guide me thru these troubled storms that come in our lives. Let me be strong and fill me with the truth of your word, let not me be deceived by false teachers, bring healing to my body in the name of JESUS i asked. amen.

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Sep 15, 2014
unseen negative forces
by: Christopher C.

Please pray for me,
I recently got a smartphone and I got this app that I shouldn't have.
It's called ghost-radar classic by: Spud Pickles.
Well you've guess 'd it, I started to use it a couple days ago,
and at first it didn't make sense. But after a few days the mobile-app started to be accurate.
That one day the mobile-app repeated everything that I did on that particular day. It even told me of my parents doctor appointment, how can that be when the mobilephone was turned off and there's no way it could have known that.
Please pray for me, that whatever unknown forces are associated with that mobile-app to just leave me alone, to go away and be gone.
Also I don't recommend that mobile-app to anyone, especially anyone living in a rural mountain top area, which is currently my location.
And finally I haven't deleted that mobile-app from my mobile device just yet, because I have been using scripture to fight back, and to remind those negative unseen etc that the Lord Jesus Christ is returning to the planet to judge it for the last time.
Pray for me, thanks."

Aug 11, 2014
Prayers needed
by: Anonymous

God i ask that you please come into mine and my sons life. I ask that you please guide us down the right path into being a better person and one that serves you lord. I pray that you please heal me from my sickness and battle with lupus. I have faith in you and I know that better days are coming. Amen

Jul 28, 2014
Protect my Father
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,
My dad is living in the home of my mentally ill brother. I pray that he is protected from harm and that my brother realizes the error of his ways and seeks the help he needs.

Thank you, Dear Lord.

Jul 15, 2014
PLZ pray for my sis. An intruder harassing her, attempted to break in her home. Oh God Protect her Please
by: Anonymous

Please pray my sister is safe from an intruder

Nov 03, 2012
by: lee

Find you a good church,Revial and get the people to pray over you and anoint you.Reading the bible is great but the bible says surround yourself with godly people

Nov 03, 2012
Requesting forprotection prayer
by: alvan Sam

i'm struggling in life with my christian duty
but i can't go through because the devil always want to cut off my desteny.i always fear about the
devil attack, but theres a verse in the bible according to the book of Matthew 10:28 always encaurage me to go forward.BUT i still need much
prayer from any christian ministries to help me out.

Mar 31, 2011
by: Micah Mbano

Amen, 1 Corrintains 9 verse 21 to the end has the answer. 1 Chronicles 4 verse 9 will guide us all.

Best Regards

Micah Mbano

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