Prayer for purpose and fulfilment

by Andy

Dear Father, your will is perfect and I am constantly grateful for the grace you've shown me in my life. You've blessed me with so much and enabled me to triumph over many sufferings. No matter what though, I am always constantly unemployed despite the great people skills you have given me, I just seem to fall short in clarity for my future and where I would be best used. Lord I ask you will provide me with a purpose in this life, that I may not remain a taker, but a giver. That I will not depend on other people's generosity, but myself alone may be able to provide generosity and enable myself a life of purpose and meaning in employment. I pray that this will be within the confines of your will. I pray for a job that not only reveals to me new skills and abilities, but a sense of purpose and joy. I pray that this job will allow me to be a blessing to other people as well as make the money needed to provide food, shelter and a happy livelihood for future family members.


Thank you loving Father for your grace. Help me to continue in your love.

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