Prayer for Rebuking of the Devourer and the Generational Curse Over My Loving Family Home

by Liana
(Orlando, FL)

Please Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bow at your feet beneath your mighty throne. I beseech you; bring my family back together and cut the chords of self-hate and anger in & amongst my immediate and extended family members! As you know, Lord, mental illness runs rampant throughout my in-laws and my blood relatives.


I love you dearly and challenge you to do those thing you promised because you do not lie Son of man!! Bless us please with abundance, joy, love & prosperity. Allow us to bless others through your mighty grace! We love and want to do your will alone! I commit to you these things fervently through prayer and commitment in honor and love.

Love Your Sweet Child

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