prayer for Reconciliation and restoration of marriage and return of husband

by Susie

I ask that you would intercede on my behalf St. Jude in the reconciliation and restoration of my marriage and return my husband to me and our children. That he would remember and honour our wedding vows.


That his heart would be softened and he would want to return and try again. We still love each other, even he says so.

Please help us and intercede to restore what is right and true, our love and family and marriage. Thank you St Jude. In the precious name of Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen

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infidelity of the husband
by: dAnonymous

st. jude, please assist me in this difficult emotional stress i am experiencing right now.his refusal for us to be together of the insecurities i am experiencing at the moment. i have not felt this way before,, and i know deep in my heart that something is happenning behind. lightene the burden plsease st. jude and let me take what ever God has planned for me .i am ready,, if its Gods will . thank you St. jude. you know i am devoted to u.

hope your prayer gets answered
by: Anonymous M

I hope it all worked out for you. It is the first time I have prayed for someone's else marriage. My fell apart due to my husband's fathering a child and falling in love with someone else. I had prayed for everything you are praying for. He did not come back to us. I read your prayer and saw myself and what I wanted so much. I hope it will work for you, if that is the best thing for you. May God bless you and your children.

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