Prayer for reconciliation with me and my wife

by Antwan
(North Carolina)

Dear heavenly father, Me and my wife are going through some difficult times in our life right now.. And through the tough times you know I still love my wife very much.. We have been seperated from each other for about a month.. Not staying in the same house.. I dont think she feels the way I feel about saving our marriage.. God I ask you to please help my marriage.. Help it come back together allow it to grow. Bless us God. Let me be able to be given a chance to raise our two babies under on roof God.. Help my family dear God..


In Jesus name we pray Amen

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Feb 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

Dear lord, please pray for my wife and I. We have been going through some struggles the past few months. I love my wife so much but seems like she has lost her love for me. Lord, I pray that you can give us strength to go through our battles and bitterness as I feel like I'm the one in the marriage who really wants to save it.
I really wish that things were the way they used to be when we were both madly in love. I pray that she can come back around and be that same person she was when she always looked at me with amazement. Lord, I pray that our future is bright and happy together and wish we can soon start a family of our own.

Nov 04, 2014
I want my husband to stay in my home
by: Anonymous

I pray for your all as well. I am a women going thru the same thing but it's my husband who wants to leave me, my two children and our beautiful home. Please pray that he will understand how much I do love him and want him to stay with us. God please shine your light on my husband and let him open his heart to me and my children. Please do not let him leave and please make him understand that there is no reason for him to leave.

Sep 05, 2014
same situation
by: Anonymous

I am in the same exact scenario with two beautiful little girls. My wife has left so many times when we argue and I feel like there is nothing that she will fight for to save our marriage. I feel like I have been only one of the smallest pieces of her life. I pray for God's grace in this situation. I pray that God may finally show his compassion through my wife so I may know what it feels like again to be wanted, to be needed. I want for the covenant that we took before God to be rebuilt in a way that nothing will allow this to happen again.

Dec 23, 2013
Thank you...
by: Anonymous

A beautiful prayer, I am going through the same problems in my marriage right now. I hope that you were able to reconcile with your wife, as I hope to reconcile with mine, God willing.

Nov 24, 2013
Strong Brothas
by: Anonymous

Stay strong Brotha praying with you for the restoration of your family.

Jun 13, 2013
In my prayers...
by: Jennifer

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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