Prayer for Reconcilliation

by Hendrietha Grobler

Please pray for me. I just stepped out a relationship with my fiancé where through my behavior he got hurt badly.


I did repent for my sins and asked the Lord for my forgiveness. Please pray for him , his name is Franco, that the Lord will heal his wounds. Bring him back to him and free him of the spirits of unforgiveness, hatred,lies, self-righteousness, gossip. And that God will help him to forgive me and to learn to trust me again.

I also pray that the Lord will open his eyes to all the manipulation around him and that he can stand strong against it and brings us on speaking terms. And that he will set the record straight from all the gossip he spread about me and see what I did mean to him.

And that the Lord will speak loudly to me and him about his will for our lives, and that his eyes will be opened to his kid’s behavior and be guided to learn him correct.

For everyone talks about his son's behavior and mood swings even just four years old. And that the Lord will help to bring peace between me and Franco so that we will talk again.

I also ask for special prayer that the Lord will open his eyes to what I did mean to him and did for him for he didn't always appreciate it and knew of the problems we faced but didn’t do much to work on it.

And if it is the Lords will to bring reconciliation to lock any doors that’s standing in that way and let His voice be heard.

Also that the Lord will help where his ex wife kept on interfering in our relationship when he told her more that once they will never be together again she kept on running after him even now when she is involved with someone.

Please pray for me too that I will be able to afford the new place I’m moving to and I would like to praise and thank the Lord for bringing me to that place.

Please also pray that his blessing will rest upon me and that he will protect me against the spirits of the unseen evil. Pray for my sister Corlette too that has been treating me and my mom badly and that the Lord will save her. And pray for my mom to let go of the grudge she hold against Franco and be able to give forgiveness.

I would also like to give thanks and praise to the Lord with helping me with a lounge suite and the others things I was searching for and the blessings he bestow upon me. And guidance to who should be in me and Franco’s life and who not and be firm with that decision.

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"Arise and Shine Forth: For YOU KING has come."
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord
From the bottom of my heart
I cry out to You
Lifting up my sister to You
Lord bind her wounds and fill her emptiness
let her heart be overflowed with YOUR LOVE
her heart is meant to be filled by YOU

My sister`s heart is soft and she needs to be loved
she is a woman
like me
like Routh and, like Magdalene
Lord you LOVED us first
You died for us my beloved Jesus
let my sister feel your presense and Love NOW
your POWERFUL love which no man can offer
Your faithfulness
your everlasting Love you promised (Isaiah 54)
bring her back
let her heart be YOURS
praying for Franco and his family
Lord please forgive us
for we have sinned
Lord heal Franco and his son
and bless my sister with True love and a man who can respect her TRULY
whether it is Franco or another man
The DOOR GOD OPENS no man can close
Thank you lord for listening to us
Love you Lord
in the mighty name of Jesus

My sister i wonderf if you have "Johann Sebastian Bach - Quot Ich Ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ quot Choralvorspiel BWV_639" song... float in His presence and talk to Him like He is near... for He is near... He is with us. xox
to feel Lord Jesus` peace and serenity

I pray for you
by: Anonymous

I pray for you because I can feel the pain you are going through. I know how you feel, I am going through the same pain, I was left behind my a man I was supposed to marry with very little explanation, I am not sure if it was temptation or his fear of committment that tore us apart. Every day I also search for answers and every day I pray that we be reuinted, that our fears, misunderstandings be taken away and we continue on the journey we started together. Believe in your heart in what is right, do not let ill advices sway you. Trust that the Lord has heard your prayer. Pray for me as I pray for you.
Lord hear and answer our prayers.

He still belongs to his ex-wife
by: Anonymous

my dear sister, get yo bible and read 1 cor vs 7. If at all this man was married before like u are saying, he still belongs to his ex-wife. In jesus name they will be separated by death. what he did and still doing is adultery and is against God's will.

Its God who keeps pushing her to her exhusband, cos if she needs a man she must reconcile with him other than remarry.

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