Prayer for relief from pain

Dear wife as a number of cronic illnesses that cause a lot of physical and emotional pain. I pray that you bring her relief of this constant pain. I know all things are possible through you. The God of all heaven and earth has the supreme power to either restore her to health or promote her to a glorified body in heaven. I pray that you answer my prayer soon dear lord for her sake and mine. In Jesus name.

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Relieve me from heart pain
by: Anonymous

Dear lord jesus I pray to you to please deliver me from heart pain chestpain and all kinds of pain and uneasiness in my body and mind. Please grant me good health and happiness. Please do not give me any problem in my heart .please lord jesus never give me any heart disease. Deliver me from sickness sorrow worry and depression especially about my health. Please give me healthy heart . Please help me jesus. Give me peace. Thank you. Save my life jesus.

Foot pain relief
by: Anonymous

I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and ankles. The pain is so intense at times I can't function. The last eight years my life has changed so much because of the constant pain. Within the last two months the paid has been much worse. I need prayer. Thank you all. I Pray to God and the Saints that we all be healed by God's mercy. Amen.

Give Me Strength to Calm Myself and Release the Pain
by: Anonymous

Please God show guid me with faith and strength to calmly release this pain trying to constanstly overtake my mind and body. Pain is constantly attacking my body and if I weaken it begims yo play tricks on my miind. Please Lord show me the way to go up against this pain and not allow infiltrate my body and mind. I pray to keep moving to stay positive to love to laugh and most of all sing the praises of you Our Lord .....AMEN!

by: Anonymous


Prayer for pain and healed of Lyme Disease
by: Briana

I need prayer for pain and to be healed of Lyme Disease and all of its complications

Spinal pain
by: Olderandwiser

I'd like to ask for prayers to get relief from the pain I've been suffering from due to surgery.Is there someone I can pray to for a miraclebe so I can help them to achieve Sainthood?

single mom
by: Anonymous

I am a single mom. Who has been having alot of issues passing out and pain. Thats ended me up in the E.R. I cant take care of my son, and now I have had a chronic migraine for 5 days. All the prayers are needed thank you !!:)

Pray for my head pain
by: Christi

Am Christi age 32 am suffering from head and neck pain last 3years pls pray for me to relief from this pain

Pain Relief
by: Roona Samson

My Name is Roona Samson I'm 19 years old about 4-5 months ago I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. However I've struggled with diabetes since the age of 9. Since the Neuropathy I've been dealing constant pain. It has changed my life compeletly can't function with daily activity the way I once use to somedays I feel like I'm losing my mind and just cry. I'm on narcotics, but because of my age and weight I'm a really low dosage which doesn't provide much relief. I feel like a burden to my family so most days I close my slef in a room all day and suffer through pain. I've had to stop school and even hangout with my friends like a normal teenager is challenge. Sometimes I feel like God is punishing me for my sins. I pray a lot (not just for myself) and try to keep positive attitude be it can be very hard at times to be positive when I'm in so much physical pain. Please pray for me and family and if you know any doctors thatvcan help let me know.

Prayer for my mother
by: Anonymous

My mother is suffering from spinal stenosis and arthritis. Please relieve her pain.

severe hip pain
by: Matt

Please pray for my husband Matt. He has been suffering with hip pain AFTER a hip replacement. He has to take narcotics around the clock and this has unwanted side effects. The pain does not ever let up. It is taking a toll on both of us. Please God help us find an answer and relief from the pain.

He thinks he is being punished. I don't really know what to do anymore. Several doctors cannot find a reason for the pain. We have a new doctor who has a theory about what is causing the pain. We pray that this will lead to relief.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Physical Pain
by: Ton

Ive been suffering with chronic pain for 7 years after being hit by a vehicle and in the past two weeks its so severe that I was rushed to the hospital. I cant move and in so much pain I cry everyday. I have a ten year old boy who suffers because of my illness. Please give me a prayer to heal. God Bless.

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