Prayer for Restoration and healing of marriage

by bs

Please Lord Jesus and all the Saints; I come to you for help in bringing my husband back. To remove all distractions that plague him right now in the form of another woman. That he chooses to maintain a relationship with her while he allows our marriage of many years to dissolve.


Please open his heart and fill it with love for his wife, children and grandchildren. Let him see how he has hurt all of us and allow him to feel remorse and the desire to make things right again. Bring him back home very soon, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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Restoration and healing of marriage
by: Anonymous


I praise you and know you are all knowing all seeing. Please bring peace to bc. I pray you will work on her husbands heart and reconcile the marriage. All things through you are possible. I pray your light will shine through both hearts and help heal both the wife and the husband in this situation. In Jesus name I ask that your will be done.


marriage restoration and return of husband back home
by: Anonymous

I am also trusting God for a miracle lady.

my husband left 3 years ago. my kids need him I cannot agree with the spirit of divorce I pray daily that God will speak to his heart and show him that the gal who is 27 year younger will just bring pain to all of us. him included.

May God hear our prayer and chase the spirit of rejection and abandonment to leave our home but restore us fully to our marriage vows and love.

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