Prayer for Restoration of Relationship with my Boyfriend

by D

Heavenly Father, I ask for peace and patience during this difficult time for me...My boyfriend broke up with me 8 days ago...We were getting along well...He won't speak to me nor answer texts or phone calls..I haven't tried to contact him for 4 days although I did write and send a heartfelt letter which he should be receiving today or tomorrow...


Please give my boyfriend the clarity to see what is really in his heart, take away his fears and anxieties as we both have had failed marriages and have insecurities and emotional baggage ...We love and respect each other ...We have a great relationship...

I get along well with his adult daughter and I have an adult son from my marriage...I pray for this relationship to be healed and for things to work out...In Jesus name I ask for blessing and help...Amen and Thank You

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