Prayer for Starting a New Business

by Sonya

Good afternoon,


I am stepping out on faith and launching a product that I hope will be in stores nationwide. I need prayer that God puts the best people around me to guide me through this process and not take advantage of me.

I am working with a company in Charlotte named Little Idea and so far they have been slow in their results but I need to trust God that they will guide me in the right direction. I need to pray for all the workers there to have the insight and knowledge needed to help me. I have already paid them their fee but so far they haven't delivered.

I want to pray for abundance, creativity, joint collaboration and the right contacts to launch my business. God gave me this idea so I know it is blessed, I just need the right angels around me.

I pray for guidance, that this project won't be too financially straining on me and that God will dream a bigger dream that me.

Thank you kindly for your prayers. Please pray away doubt, frustration and fill me with hope and anticipation of a greater future for myself and my family. I am in a career that's not fulfilling so I belive in God that this product will set me free.

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