Prayer for strength and guidance

by DC

Heavenly Father, you are the light and the way and my girlfriend of two years needs your help and guidance to overcome her depression from so many things that have come against after the other...and being in such a dark place. Thank you for strengthening her faith and resolve to rise above her issues and sending your angels to do battle with her unwelcome demons. Cast them out never to return, and open her heart once again to happiness, fulfillment, success, and unwavering faith in your love.


And thank you Father for blessing me with your protection of my heart and emotional stability. I need strength and guidance to remain strong and supportive. Guide me with the right things to say and do in order to promote her spiritual, emotional, and physical healing that she so desperately needs at this time.

Through faith in your love for your children, I pray we’ll both rise above this together and retain our relationship in truth, caring, love, communication, and respect. I pray this will only strengthen us as individuals as well as our relationship and ultimately it’s in your hands, Lord.

Father thank you for your blessings of strength, resolve, love and guidance. Praise God and amen.

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