Prayer for Strength and Knowledge

Dear God,


My family and I are dealing with a very difficult person right now, who is bringing great heartache and harm to us. Please give us the knowledge to know what to do - how to deal with and eliminate this relationship from our lives. It is a toxic situation that we pray to be free of, Lord.

Please guide us. Guide us to know the right help to seek, and to have the faith to follow through. I know that you don't give us more than we can handle, but this one is tough, Lord.

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Thank you
by: Betty Reyes

Thank you so much for that prayer, i am as well dealing with a difficult person right now. And i still try to understand why at times when this person should be helping me raise my child, not bring us nothing but pain and hes trying to take my child out of the country, but if it is in gods will he will not be doing anything.

by: Tampa fl

I am sorry to hear you are going thru this
Please do not hate
I pray for you and your family this morning
And I pray for the person causing you pain
as The Lord is always
With you The Lord is your partner he is
Always standing next to you so put this
Difficulty on his shoulder

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