Prayer for Strength and Prosperity

Dear Lord in Heaven, I pray that you please give me and my husband the strength to survive these work issues. We are so close to retirement and the devil is playing with those around us causing chaos and issues towards our success in retiring. We have been loving to you dear lord in heaven and faithful in our prayers.


Please help those around us to not cause issue and/or dramatic change to allowing us to survive until we retire. Please provide us with strength and guidance as we navigate our way through this horrible job circumstance. Please allow us to succeed in our goals that we have worked so hard for and to allow us the opportunity to success in our prosperity for the remainder of our lives.

We ask this of your dear lord. Amen.

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by: Tampa fl

I pray for both you and your husband
This morning please be sure each of you go to
Church each Sunday
Do not let others affect your lives
Do not hate them The Lord is your
Partner he will see you thru this
Put it on his. Shoulder

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