Prayer for strength - going through a breakup

by Susan

I feel like I can not go on. I am breaking up with a man I have known for 6 years and been living with for 3 years. I have put so much into this relationship but the man has brought me so much misery. He does not care about my feelings, has cheated on me on several occassions and treated me so badly. Now he is dating someone else and has decided to abandon me. I am so sad and in so much pain. I am asking for strength to make it thru this and God's guidance. I would like to be happy again. Please pray for me. Thank you.

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Praying for You
by: Anonymous

I am praying for you. I have been through the same and it is ROUGH, but trust God's plan for your life. Sometimes God has to do it this way so that we are FORCED to move on, because if He left it up to us, we would've stayed. Trust that if God allowed someone to leave and be drawn away by their own lusts, THERE IS someone exactly opposite - faithful, loving, loyal - in your future. When you can't trust the process, trust the processor (God).

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