Prayer for Strength, Guidance and Publisher Clearing House and the $100,0000. 00 I am about to receive

by Wanda
(Washington DC USA)

God first of all I will like to thank you for giving me life and putting you son Jesus here to guide use through life's adventures. God my father in Heaven.


First of all I know you know everything that we do and you know my every move,

I have asked this question so many times my daily adventure is very costly and I would like to stop but I have a little problem with that and I need you to help me to find solitude in that, what I am really asking you is that you continue to guide me and lead me in everything I do so my life can remain complete, I now that you have given me strength and I see things a little different now and I want to make sure I am following your lead.

I have placed in my heart that real soon I will get this $100,000.00 from winning one of these scratch tickets from the lottery, I no it is coming and I just ask that you keep me in good spirits and good health so I can enjoy these gifts.I have been praying for Publisher Clearing house to give me $2 million, plus $10,000.00 every week for life and also the Ford I can use that to get around.

And continue to put joy in my life and keep the breath in my body and bless me with completion so I can help and give to others. AMEN ! IN THE NAME OF GOD THANK YOU FOR EVER MORE. Again thanks for Jesus your son and me you daughter.

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