Prayer for Strength to forgive others

by Matthew

Almighty Father,

I pray for forgiveness and that You give me the strength to forgive others; I pray also that You forgive them for their stubborness.

I humbly ask You for Strength to deal with the current situation I face, my future being so unsure makes my head and my heart ache and sometimes pride creeps in where Love should be. I pray that You soften the heart of others and make them realise how their actions affect our lives and that the people they listen to do not have their interest at heart. I pray that they return to the family and conquer their ignorance and pride.

I pray for a clear and vivid sign as to which direction I should take and to the decisions I make. I trust in You completely Almighty God and know that You will never steer me wrong.

Please give me the wisdom to appreciate Your signs and the understanding of the reasons behind the outcome. I will do what You deem best for me (and my children) and will continuously praise and thank You.

My works and deeds I shall do with Your Blessings and Grace and pray that you can see that my heart is sincere and my intentions are good.


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by: Anonymous

My bestfriend and I have been snobbing each other for more than two weeks. It started from a small conflict then it became worse as the days past. Every time we met, it seems like we are stranger to each other. No talk, no greets, NOTHING. Which is a heartbreak on my part. It tears my heart day-by-day and my feelings are getting numb. I don't want to end our friendship just because of this. I pray that somehow, this conflict and misunderstanding between us will be resolve and put to end. I pray that the pain in my heart will be healed and everything will be alright. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

help to forgive him.
by: Anonymous

I hope one day i can find strength to forgive my sons father. 6yrs of verbal abuse and cheating. I have stayed around for my son who cried so much the day i was ready to leave. I have had my revenge and forgive me lord but im not sorry for what i did. Do unto others as they do unto you. Im not a mean person i keep to myself. I never understood why i have been put in this path of sadness. I always ask what did i do wrong in my life to be treated so bad. I pray one day i will be blessed with happiness and see a better life.
Lord hear my prayers

Forgiveness to move on
by: Rica

I need to forgive my spouse for mistreating me n our kids sleeping with different women within our past 20 years for being together I font think not one time was he ever faithful to me but it u god who will take affect to him he still lies until this very day I learn he made a baby with this women n denied it to the end until I found papers n ask n he still denied the child until this very day still sees his baby moma I'm sick n tired of this so I asked for your prayers for forgiveness n guidance in my relationship I know many will say I'm crazy for stayin I just don't know wat else to do I'm on my last string n the thread is very loose.. Thanks rica

Prayer to Grant Mercy and Forgivess
by: Kenneth Lee Hummel

Dear Merciful God please grant me th strength to be humble and forgive. Let me reach inside my heart to the place were I have put the gift of mercy and forgivness and let my light shine outward from my soul and radiate upon my enemy utntil we stand in the same light as brothers. Let me give it as I would like to recieve it, with kindness, sincerity and humbleness for I too need forgiveness in the eyes of men and through your grace. Amen

willingness to forgive
by: Anonymous

I pray for strenght to forgive people whom I believed have wronged me.For wisdom to release forgiveness and guilt and realize that there is life awaiting to be lived in peace, harmony and love.

thank you for the prayer
by: petronellah

thank u for da prayer lm so touched coz l cn now forgive those who have wronged me amen

by: Anonymous

Thank you for this prayer. I have been struggling with disappointment with my spouse and that quickly has turned into anger, resentment and even hatred. I pray for the strength to forgive and love him again. Knowing that in forgiving him I free myself to accept God's blessings in our lives. He cannot give what he does not yet have in him. He is operating at the level of consciousness that he now is. I forgive me for not forgiving him.

strenght to go on
by: Anonymous

God thank you for your prayer yes my heart hurt but i need toforgive in order to be forgiving give me the strentgh to forgive those who trespassed against us .amen

That was written for me
by: Anonymous

I feel like if I don't forgive it will destroy all the good in me. God asks us to forgive those who hurt us so horribly and are not sorry. It is the hardest thing he asks us to do.

she has no heart
by: Amiga then

A woman in the Rio Grande valley whom I use to live with. I use to clean and wash her clothing all to kick me out for a gossip I never echoed. Good to know I do not exists in her life anymoreafterall she believed and practiced black. Magic. Not someone iwould consider. Family ever again. God really send a message to leave her side week's ago.

by: Kwerakwiza

Thank you for a wonderful prayer..

Irony removed
by: Anonymous

So...a couple years ago I was lied to and taken advatange of by a man named Matt (Matthew) and quickly then betrayed by another Matthew. Today is a reminder of the lies and betrayal that took place and so in this time I was seeking a quick prayer to help me forgive them.
God is great and led me to this prayer...written by none other than a man named Matthew! :)
I feel like I have forgiven but I am holding on too tightly to this sense of revenge/redemption/apology etc.
God bless you for your seeking his strength in your time of need! Thanjs for sharing!

thank you ...
by: Danielle

I needed this prayer im.currently in a situation with the man I love and am in love with and had began to have anger and hate for him but the lord is steady touching my heart and I mist forgive Joshua because if I don't then our marriage will be destroyed ... so.I receive this message and prayer. Amen

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