Prayer for teacher on first day

by kathie

Please pray for me. I am a new teacher on the first week of the job and the students are out of control. I believe it is God's plan for me to teach, but I am anxious and stressed already. I am ready to quit and I need God's help to be with me through this trying time. I ask In Jesus' name.

Thank You

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Sep 18, 2014
Prayer for Teacher's First Day
by: Anonymous

Lord Jesus,
You see teachers have one of the most important jobs. We are molding young minds in preparation for them to become job holders and leaders in the future so they can be self-sufficient. Teaching these days is very daunting and we need angels to help us in the classrooms to be our helpers. We need YOUR angels lord to be our teacher assistants. We need YOUR guidance to be good decision makers regarding lesson plans for we teachers are role models. We need to be kind and gentle with children under our watch but yet be able to discipline fairly and see everyone's viewpoint. Keep our lessons interesting but yet be challenge enough to meet state standards. Your words in the bible says if we have the faith of a mustard seed, you Lord can move mountains. Please move the mountain of disruption in my classroom and replace it with a calmness. Your words also said, you lord was able to calm the mighty seas with a few words, "Peace be still." So let the classroom be where your light shines with love and mercy. i ask this in Jesus' name.

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