Prayer for Temptaion

by Lidia Marin
(Glendale, Az Maricopa)

I have difficulty when i meet a man i have to sleep with him because if i dont he will not want to be with me, or they wont love me for who i am.


Please help me meet the right person for me Lord after my divorce. please help me heal for my pains and hurts,

heal heart

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Psalm 27:2
by: Anonymous

You are perfectly made and the apple of God's Eye. Do not fall to the prey of worldly men. Refrain from men who are attracted to just your physical. Your test to any man is what is their relationship with God. Pray that God blesses you with a Godly man, a man after God's heart. When you are blessed with this Godly man, he will be attracted to you...just the way you are. He will see your true beauty and not look at you for sex. He will then know that he has found his wife.

Don't worry, my friend...
by: Aju


Our Heavenly Father will surely send a nice guy into ur Life who Cares 4 u, Loves u, Respects u & Understands u 4 who ur...
Don't go 4 a Guy, who needs ur Body more than ur Heart, Mind & Soul...
Prayers always...

GOD Bless !!!

my prayers go out to you
by: Avery

There is some one out there who will love your heart before your body......just hold on......i am looking for the same thing.

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