Prayer for the eturn of ex-boyfriend

by renee
(buffalo, ny, usa)

dear heavenly father and st. jude, i am asking for my ex-boyfriend j to retun to me. we have been in an on/off relationship for 7yrs. j has had infidelity issues with me over 5yrs ago, but j has really never trusted me again, completely. now in the last couple of months j is in a new relationship. i know he really loves and misses me, because when we talk or see each other, he lights up and we converse for a long time. and he is always responsive with hugs and kisses. please father, bring j back to me, my arms are open to accept him and my heart is full of love and devotion only for him. i ask that j be blessed with a heart full of trust and love for me. and that he return back to me soon. i pray and ask if possible please grant me a shred of hope that he is on his way back.

thank you, r

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Apr 22, 2015
iam praying for the same thing lets pray for each other
by: Anonymous

Please pray that me and my ex get back I feel like we are meant to be together it was me who made. Him. Feel. Less then a man help me control. My big mouth lord in Jesus name I haven't talk to him lately please let him call

Sep 26, 2012
Be guided
by: Sharon

You need to be guided by the Holy Spirit and know if in your heart that you have really changed because J does not deserve to be hurt again

Sep 20, 2012
God's will
by: Anonymous

I am praying that you guys get in God's will and marry. The word of God say's it is better to marry than to burn. If it is God's will he will return and the two of you will marry and stay together.

Sep 18, 2012
A prayer for you
by: Anonymous

I will pray for you r. I am praying for the same thing myself. I hope we both find relief soon.

Sep 18, 2012
I am praying for you too
by: Anonymous

I am dealing with the same thing. I am hoping for the return of my boyfriend's heart.

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