Prayer for the Gift of Life

by Andrea
(Kittery, Maine)

Dear Heavenly Father,


I praise Your name for You are great, mighty, and a giver of life. Lord, please hear my prayer for getting pregnant. I am ready to be a mother; yet, I find myself struggling as each month passes without the gift of conception. I feel hopeless at times.

Please Lord, remember me as you did Sarah, extend your life giving powers and bless us with child. I make a sacred promise to be worthy of Your trust. I will be a Godly parent teaching love, respect, and Your word to our baby. With praise for Your glory and goodness, I pray, deeply, that it is Your will to fulfill our true purpose change us from a couple to a family.

It is in Your name I pray: Fill my womb, grace me with pregnancy and deliver to me a healthy baby.


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