Prayer for the Most Difficult Time of My Life

by Lisa

Thank you for standing with me in prayer.


I have had the most difficult year of my life and it seems to get worse every single day. I was doing really well. I had completed my studies in a foreign land and foreign language which I financed by working as a babysitter for various families. I hardly had time for myself in between studying and working. Then I graduated, got a job at a reputable organization, moved into my own apartment for the first time and I was on my way to becoming a permanent resident.

Then my sister died last year, I lost my job several months ago, I lost all my money, I got into debt, I'm facing eviction from my apartment tomorrow! and since I have been unable to find a job (I was given 6 months to find a new job), I'm now also facing being deported by the end of November. I have lost everything except my faith in God. I continue to trust in Him and His Plan for my life.

My greatest desire and really the only thing I am praying for is to become debt free. Debt is crippling. Even as I face eviction from my apartment, all I'm thinking about is how horrible I feel leaving this lovely apartment that was entrusted to me without paying the rent arrears. I feel so desperately sad about that. I feel like a thief. I want to be debt free. I declare in my life everyday that I am debt free. Please pray with me about this. I don't care if I lose everything else. I just want to be debt free and if I have to leave this beautiful country, I want to leave feeling free that I paid back all that I owed. I can't express in words how much I desire this.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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