Prayer for the right man and for success in all my endeavours.

Father Lord, I want to thank you for your continuous blessings, guidance and protection. Father Lord, I want to thank you for always being by me even when I am lazy to pray and forget to pray. Father Lord, today I beg that you please send the right man to me to love me and care for me. Father Lord, I have met different men who have taken me for granted and played games. Father Lord, today I beg that you please send me a man who is good fearing, hard working, kind, non-abusive, loving with good sense of humour, gentle, tall, handsome, and responsible. Father Lord, I also pray that you prepare me to be a great partner to the man you would send me. I get lonely but would try to be patient, wait for you and believe that you have a great plan for me.


I also want to thank you Lord for my family, job and well-wishers. I beg that you continue to bless us and send joy and happiness to us and answer all of my family's heart desires. Please Lord, help the poor, sick, needy, less-privileged, lonely, homeless, those suffering from violence and abuse. I pray you come to their aid Lord.

Holy Mary Mother of God, I want to thank you too for all and beg that you continue to pray for me and my family.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. I believe in you Lord. Please send your guardian angels to continue to protect me and my family. AMEN.

I also pray for everyone putting out prayer points on this site and the makers of this site. I pray that the good Lord answers every one of your prayers in Jesus name AMEN.

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