Prayer for the Second Coming

by Jay-Dee

Oh Lord God Almighty, creator of the Universe and King of the Cosmos, whose will none can counter or oppose, I do not presume to think for even a moment that my request - born from the mere mind of a creature so lower than yourself - can move you into action, but I pray that you will consider it.


How long has it been since your presence dwelled amongst us, Lord? Do not forget us: send us prophets or signs, for it has been so long, Lord. You told us to be patient, but it has been two-thousand years - how much longer will you have us wait? Already many of the faithful grow desperate through years of waiting for thine Coming or Judgment, or even for a small revelation.

Do not abandon us, nor believe I ever wanted to tempt you - rather, take it as eagerness on my part to know you.

Tarry not, Lord. Make us not wait so long.

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