Prayer for the Self Reputation to be restore and havea full time job

St Jude I ask for your forgiveness and guidance for myself. I realized that the whole world view me as a failure and as a person of broken promises. It really hurt me badly that I felt deeply in silent depression ... I felt humiliated and unworthy. I ask for my self forgiveness and self esteem to come back again... I have my children who are my life and a husband, I do not want see myself in these state so with you undying love St Jude please shower me your love and peace.


The second prayer I would like to have is to my husband get a sustainable job not will provide him a good benefit for all of us and for him.

The third one, for me to get the posting job in my work which I have been waiting to get for so long... I need a full time job with benefits for myself and my family ... In St Jude name And Jesus name I surrender all my affliction, my sufferings, flaws and my life.. May your will be unto me and bless me and my family... Amen..

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