Prayer for this Man I Have Fallen in Love With

by Olga
(New York)

I pray for this man I manifested into my life, who came a year after I identified the man that I wanted to marry.


Upon meeting him, Peter O., it was love at first sight for me and I was unable to believe this miracle.

Obstacles mixed with fear soon entered, preventing Peter and I from developing this love from a mere attraction.

I pray that ALL our obstacles and fears vanish, and Peter and I continue on to develop our love for each other. I have not seen him for two months, and I am suffering. I don't know if he is, but I need him in my life, in love with me fearlessly, and I want us to marry each other and move forward united in love on our life long path together, and starting a family.

I love Peter like I have never loved anyone in my life before; I'm still amazed that he was the man i envisioned one year before meeting him, and I need him now in love with me. I need him to let go of everything holding him back (the same applies for me), now. I need Peter to call me now and tell me he's in love with me and rid himself of fears and obstacles, and any relationships blocking him/us; I need him to be with me now, and till death do us part in our union in marriage.

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